Data downloads

Full summary statistics from the first GenOMICC GWAS of susceptibility to life-threatening Covid-19 are available here.

Datafile md5 checksum
GenoMICC EUR vs UK biobank controls (84.1Mb) 33912914782e72f3136773b2a01c693d
GenoMICC AFR vs UK biobank controls (60.5Mb) 3f7723837c1c4cead94ddfd3e816fdcc
GenoMICC EAS vs UK biobank controls (52.5Mb) 45146759d21cc1b27e3187319c4181ce
GenoMICC SAS vs UK biobank controls (62.4Mb) 521de226090768c89eed110e526aaa80

Individual genotype data and sample access

Sample access and access to individual-level genotype data from consenting patients are available to bona fide researchers through the ISARIC4C/GenOMICC/PHOSP analysis platform.