The Whittington Hospital, London

Photo of the Whittington Hospital Research Team
The Whittington Hospital Research Team

Whittington Health NHS Trust are very proud to be a part of the GenOMICC trial and it is a privilege to be able to contribute to advancing medical knowledge and improve outcomes. The study opened in the trust prior to the COVID-19 pandemic which enabled our patients to contribute to the significant findings from early on.

The recruitment process to GenOMICC is straight forward and efficient. Most patients approached here are keen to be enrolled, including patients contacted at home after discharge from the hospital. Our hundredth participant, a 94-year-old, was delighted to be considered and to take a part in GenOMICC. They shared the following, “I am always happy to help advance science and help to improve things for the future”. Research is a team activity and whether engaging clinical teams, approaching patients or collecting and sending samples, there have been many staff that have enjoyed supporting the delivery of GenOMICC.

As for the central GenOMICC team, communication and support is second to none. From prompt responses to queries, support if there is a query at site, and approachability to encouraging letters, certificates and updates. These gestures go a long way and shows we are valued for our efforts.

Anezka Pratley, Research Nurse