GenOMICC UK Recruitment procedure

  1. Obtain consent

  2. Obtain blood sample according to the patient's weight (>40kg: 9mls; 20 to 40kg: 7mls; 10 to 20kg: 4mls). Blood can be obtained in any EDTA blood tubes. Depending on what system is used in your hospital, you will probably have to send us several tubes. Try to get as close as you can to the required volume, because this gives us the best chance of getting high-quality DNA.

  3. Take all four of the the next row of GenOMICC sample stickers.

  4. Use stickers to label consent form and blood tubes. Destroy any unused stickers.

  5. Store consent form in local site file.

  6. Put blood tubes in a sealed plastic bag with absorbent material in the GenOMICC specimen postage bag and post it to the Wellcome Trust Clinical Reseach Facility (WTCRF), Edinburgh.

  7. Complete RedCap CRF.

Example blood tubes to use for a patient >40kg in weight.

System Tube size Number of tubes Total volume
Monovette 2.7ml 3 8.1ml
Monovette 9ml 1 9ml
Vacutainer 2ml 4 8ml
Any EDTA blood tube any size <=9ml