Organisational partners

ISARIC (The International Severe Acute Respiratory and Emerging Infection Consortium)

{!v/genomicc_title!} is the first project endorsed by ISARIC following the organisation’s launch in 2012.

InFACT (The International Federation of Acute Care Triallists)

InFACT has supported {!v/genomicc_title!} since 2011.

Genomics England

The UK GenOMICC study is delighted to partner with Genomics England to work on COVID-19 in the UK and abroad.

Asia-Pacific Extra-Corporeal Life Support Organisation (AP ELSO)

{!v/genomicc_title!} set-up is now under way in the Asia-Pacific ELSO network

Intensive Care Society

The Intensive Care Society supports {!v/genomicc_title!} both with direct financial support and by coordinating through an extensive network of thousands of clinicians and other professionals working in critical care medicine

International recruiting centres

{!v/genomicc_title!} is active in the following countries: