UK Investigators

Dr JK Baillie (Chief Investigator)

Prof T Walsh

Prof C Hinds

Dr S Clohisey

Dr C Semple

Dr M Shankar-Hari

Prof J Knight

GenOMICC in the United Kingdom

GenOMICC is eligibly funded for the NIHR portfolio. GenOMICC is funded by the Fiona Elizabeth Agnew Trust, the Wellcome Trust, and the Intensive Care Society.

The study recruits patients who were previously in good health (not functionally limited by chronic disease) and have been admitted to an HDU or ICU with sepsis caused by specific organisms, flu, pancreatitis or burns (see full entry criteria here ).

Recruitment requires consent, a single DNA sample (blood or saliva) and a short online CRF (see full recruitment procedures here ). All recruits count as accruals through the NIHR system.

Email note your interest.

You can read the protocol online here, or download the pdf version:

Scotland - Download GenOMICC protocol version 1.06

England and Wales - Download GenOMICC protocol version 1.07


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We are very grateful to receive funding from the Fiona Elizabeth Agnew Trust (FEAT), the Wellcome Trust, and the UK Intensive Care Society in support of the GenOMICC study.

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