Study overview

GenOMICC has three different parts.

Prospective recruitment

This is the main part of the study, to which recruitment is now active across the UK. Recruitment of patients meeting our eligibility criteria will usually occur in high dependency or intensive care Units. Patients or an appropriate consultee will be invited to participate in the study as early as is reasonably possible during their illness. A single blood sample is taken, which reqiures no processing at the recruiting site, and then posted (at ambient temperature) to our lab in Edinburgh.

Retrospective recruitment

In our study protocol, we also included a facility to recruit former patients retrospectively to GenOMICC. This would involve the clinical team contacting survivors and asking them for a DNA sample. Eligible patients could be identified from clinical or audit databases. However, our current funding does not enable us to support this form of recruitment.

Repeat sampling substudy

We also run a small substudy in which carefully selected patients, and matched controls, are asked to provide a new, large volume additional blood sample at a research centre. This part of the study is run directly from the Roslin Institute and does not require any action from recruiting sites.


We are very grateful to receive funding from the Fiona Elizabeth Agnew Trust (FEAT), the Wellcome Trust, and the UK Intensive Care Society in support of the GenOMICC study.

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